The club once produced a West London Chess Club Gazette, which contains a wealth of information. The first edition was produced in November 1941 [38]and the club celebrated the gazette's 25th anniversary in December 1966 [7]. During 1967, the publication formerly mimeographed, became printed (thanks to Mr. A.Ivey) [8].

Pat Aherne a former two time club champion (1963-64 and 1994-95), kindly donated a copy of the July-August 1967 edition, which we have published for your interest. He informs us that there was a dispute between the principal author of the gazette M.H. Hawley and the printer A. Ivey regarding content. A. Ivey wanted to include other material such as anecdotes, but M.H. Hawley wanted to keep it strictly to chess. This conflict and the simple fact that the publication in its current form was becoming a strain on the committee, signaled the beginning of the end for the gazette. It is thought that there were at most another two publications before it stopped at the end of 1967.

Somehow, Cleveland Public Libarary (Ohio USA) have paper originals of some of the first editions published between November 1941 and 1946. We have now obtained electronic copies and are currently processing the information.