Where does the club meet?

The Chiswick Town Hall for matches, in the upstairs "Committee Room".. See the "Find Us" tab. Find us. When we don't have a match we meet at the George and Devonshire pub on the Hogarth roundabout.

How much does it cost to join?

£65 a year. See the Pricelist

Are beginners welcome?

They are, but bear in mind that most people that join a chess club do so to play competitively, so you may get frustrated at first. However there are lots of ways to improve your chess (see below).

How can I improve my chess?

Chess is a game in which a gnat can drink and an elephant can drown. The moves are simple, but there is a lot to learn about openings, strategy, tactics and endgames. Probably the best way is a mixture of studying books combined with playing against people a bit better than yourself. A good chess bookshop, such as the Chess and Bridge Shop in London (44 Baker Street), can advise you on teaching books suitable for your own level. If you have the means, then you can consider coaching (see below). There are many on-line resources available these days, allowing you to play against other people on-line, and also to practice your chess tactics by solving puzzles. It is widely felt that improved tactical ability is the fastest way to improve at chess, at least up to club level, and so practising your tactics may be a productive way to start improving.

How much does coaching cost?

We recommend using a properly accredited coach, such as international master Tom Rendle from our club. A full list of accredited coaches is here. You would need to check with each coach regarding costs, but a properly qualified coach can cost as much as £60 a hour.