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The club once produced a West London Chess Club Gazette, which contains a wealth of information. The first edition was produced in November 1941 [38]and the club celebrated the gazette's 25th anniversary in December 1966 [7]. During 1967, the publication formerly mimeographed, became printed (thanks to Mr. A.Ivey) [8].

Pat Aherne a former two time club champion (1963-64 and 1994-95), kindly donated a copy of the July-August 1967 edition, which we have published for your interest. He informs us that there was a dispute between the principal author of the gazette M.H. Hawley and the printer A. Ivey regarding content. A. Ivey wanted to include other material such as anecdotes, but M.H. Hawley wanted to keep it strictly to chess. This conflict and the simple fact that the publication in its current form was becoming a strain on the committee, signaled the beginning of the end for the gazette. It is thought that there were at most another two publications before it stopped at the end of 1967.

Somehow, Cleveland Public Libarary (Ohio USA) have paper originals of some of the first editions published between November 1941 and 1946. We have now obtained electronic copies and are currently processing the information.

November 1941First edition and first record of being located in Stratford Road. First mention of J. Mieses
May 1942Club's invitation for players during War time
September 1942Announcement of 50th anniversary *
October 1942Jubilee notice by P.W. Sergeant *
January 1943Some reminiscences by C.E. Ford
February 1943Recorded winners of the club's Eastman Cup 1922-1942 *
March 1943Sympathy to Mrs V. Stevenson (Menchik) regarding the death of R.H.S. Stevenson *
June 1943About Sir George Thomas and him winning the club championship for the first time. RP. Michell cup is presented as the new club championship trophy *
September 1943Valediction (after Jubilee year). Lightning tournament results and some games from the tournament *
February 1944Elaine Saunders joins club, C.E. Ford passes away. Robinson and Drey cups offered
August 1944Memories of the late Vera Menchik. Mention of Lt. G. Cartier
August 1945B.H. Wood joins the club *
October 1945First evidence of Paul M. List playing for WLCC
November 1945PW. Sergeant is elected President *
January 1946I. Konig joins the club
February 1946P.S. Milner-Barry congratulated on receiving his OBE
March 1946J.A. Fuller becomes the Junior Champion
April 1946Description of the Vera Menchik Trophy. Introduction of the P.S. Miller-Barry cup
May 1946Reminiscences by the late C.E. Ford of nearly winning the London League. J.A. Fuller becomes British Boy Champion. Mention of a Chess board and men (with 40 autographs) presented to R.P. Michell in 1901. *
July 1946W.S. Houlder passes away. London League scores. J.A. Fuller going to the Forces shortly. *
July-August 1967Quality production
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