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Tournament Results

West London won the London Chess League Championship in the season of 1955-1956.

West London also won the Middlesex League Championship in the season of 1994-1995 [1].

West London won the London League Eastman Cup in the season of 2006-2007.

To find out more about the internal competitions, check out the trophies page.

League and Internal Tournament Results

SeasonMiddlesex LeagueLondon LeagueCompetition Winners
2010-11T1: Division 2 - 6/8Division 3 - 6/13FJ. Camm: A. Hayler
R. Eastman: R. Kane
W. Henderson: R. Kamath
G.Thomas: R. Kane
EW. Spires: R. Campbell
V. Menchik: J. Bote
2009-10T1: Division 1 - 8/8 -demoted
T2: Division 3 - 5/5 -merged with T1
Division 3 - 11/13W. Henderson: R. Campbell
G.Thomas: E. Tandi
EW. Spires: R. Kamath
V. Menchik: J. Bote
2008-09T1: Division 1 - 3/8
T2: Division 2 - 8/8 -demoted
Division 2 - 12/12 -demoted
Division 4 - 12/12 -team withdrawn
W. Henderson: Mark Lyell
G.Thomas: Mark Lyell
EW. Spires: R. Kamath
2007-08T1: Division 1 - 5/8
T2: Division 3 - 1/6 -promoted
Division 3 - 2/12 -promotedW. Henderson: Mark Lyell
G.Thomas: R. Kamath
EW. Spires: R. Matzko
2006-07T1: Division 1 - 3/7
T2: Division 3 - 6/7
Division 3 - 10/12 -just avoided relegationW. Henderson: Mark Lyell
G.Thomas: E. Tandi
EW. Spires: E. Tandi
2005-06T1: Division 1 - 4/7
T2: Division 3 - 5/7
Division 3 - 10/12 just avoided relegation.G.Thomas: Colum Jezierski
2004-05T1: Division 1 - 4/8
T2: Division 3 - 5/9
Division 4 - 1/12
Close win on game points. Promoted.
No tournament
2003-04T1: Division 1 - 5/8
T2: Division 3 - 7/9
Division 4 - 6/11No tournament
2002-03T1: Division 1 - 6/7
T2: Division 3 - 7/8
Not enteredNo tournament
2001-02T1: Division 2 promoted
T2: Division 3
Not enteredNo tournament
2000-01T1: Division 3 promoted
T2: Division 3
Thrown out for not handing in resultsNo tournament
1999-2000T1: Division 2 relegated for not handing in results
T2: Division 3

1998-99T1: Division 2??
1997-98T1: Division 1??
1996-97T1: Division 1
T2: Division 4
Division 5 - 4/11G.Thomas: P. Harrington
1995-96T1: Division 1Division 5 - 7/11Henderson Cup: Karl Osborne
G.Thomas: P. Hawran
1994-95T1: Division 1 - Won!
T2: Division 4
Division 5 - 8/10Club Champion: Pat Aherne
Vera Menchik Tourney: Peter Hawran
Eichel Tourney: Peter Hawran
Spires Tourney: Michael Price
G.Thomas: R. Downing
1993-94T1: Division 1 - 4/6Division 6 - 1/13 -promoted!G.Thomas: J. Spenser
1992-93??G.Thomas: S. Chan
1991-92??Club Champion: Mark Lyell
G.Thomas: A. Freeth
1990-91??Club Champions:
S. Buttler
Mark Lyell
Spires: R. Downing
G.Thomas: R. Brent
1989-90??Club Champion: S. Buttler
Spires: Mrs. D. Butler
G.Thomas: R. Jennings
1988-89??Club Champions:
S. Buttler
Mark Lyell
R. Stuart
Spires: J. Bezant
1987-88??Club Champion: S. Buttler
Spires: A. Harrison
1986-87??Club Champion: Mark Lyell
Spires: G. Risteljic
1985-86??Club Champion: Mark Lyell
1984-85??Club Champion: J. Gorgol
1983-84??Club Champion: J. Gorgol
1982-83??Club Champion: J. Gorgol
1981-82??Club Champion: D.J. Stewardson
1980-81??Club Champion: A. Forbes
1979-80??Club Champion: D.A. Shaw
G.Thomas: Z.J. Godon
1978-79??Club Champion: O.T. Morton
G.Thomas: Z.J. Godon
1977-78??Club Champion: C. Lawrence
G.Thomas: S. Butler
1976-77??Club Champion: D.J. Stewardson
G.Thomas: E.N. Sachs
Henderson: J. Green
1975-76??Club Champion: T.M. Wheatcroft
G.Thomas: M. Siddiq
Henderson: N. Lumer
1974-75??Club Champion: T. Arnold
G.Thomas: J. Burke
Henderson: B. Tulloch
1973-74??Club Champion: T.M. Wheatcroft
G.Thomas: F. Field
Henderson: E.W. Spires
1972-73??Club Champion: S.G. Kent
G.Thomas: T.T. Skipp
Henderson: K. Wardle
1971-72??Club Champion: A. Lukowicz
G.Thomas: M.H. Hawley
Henderson: J. Green
1970-71?T1: Division A - 12/12
T2: Division E - 9/10 [70]
Club Champions:
P. Gillham
Dr. D.A. Shaw
G.Thomas: P. Gillham
Henderson: M.J. Pennell
1969-70?T1: Division A - 7/12
T2: Division E - 9/10 [68]
Club Champion: T.M. Wheatcroft
M.H. Hawley
C. Taylor
D. Eichel
J. Green
1968-69??Club Champion: D. J. Barnett
Spires: P. Gillham
G.Thomas: M.H. Hawley
Henderson: E.W. Spires
1967-68?T1: Division B - 6/10
T2: Division D - 4/10 [59]
Club Champion: R. Hughes-Hallet
Spires: M. Wood
G.Thomas: J.R. Phillips
Henderson: D.J. Barnett
1966-67?T1: Division B - 3/10
T2: Division C - 9/10 [58]
Club Champions:
A. Lindhurst
B.J. Themis
Menchik: A. Lukowicz
G.Thomas: R. Hughes-Hallet
Henderson: B.P. Grisogono
Drey: Eric Knapp
1965-66?T1: Division A - 12/12
T2: Division D - 3/10 [69]
Club Champion: M. Cabrinovic
G.Thomas: A. Lucowicz
Henderson: B.P. Grisogono
1964-65?T1: Division A - 8/12
T2: Division D - 5/10 [67]
Club Champions:
D. Kovic
R.C. Somerville
Eastman: B. Themis
G.Thomas: G.M. Norman[11]
Henderson: B.G. Henstock
1963-64?T1: Division B - 2nd
T2: Division D Section 1 - 4th [61]
Club Champion: P. Aherne
Eastman: U.G.H. Torney
G.Thomas: A. Lindhurst
Henderson: P.R. Wood
1962-63??Club Champion: T.M. Wheatcroft
Eastman: M.H. Hawley
G.Thomas: R. Hughes-Hallet
Henderson: E.W. Spires
1961-62Not enteredT1: Division A - 6th
T2: Division C 10/10 (bottom) [6]
Club Champion: Tournament cancelled
Eastman: M.H. Hawley
G.Thomas: P.N. Lee
Henderson: U.G.H. Torney
1960-61?T1: Division A - 5/12
T2: Division C - 7/9 [57]
Club Champion: A.S. Hollis
Eastman: P.N. Lee
G.Thomas: G.M. Norman
Henderson: U.G.H. Torney
1959-60??Club Champion: A.S. Hollis
Eastman: P.N. Lee
G.Thomas: R. Hughes-Hallett
Henderson: E.W. Spires
1958-59?T1: Division A - 8/12
T2: Division C - 6/10 [75]
Club Champion: A.S. Hollis
Eastman: P.N. Lee
G.Thomas: R. Hughes-Hallett
Henderson: U.G.H. Torney
1957-58??Club Champions:
J.B. Harmer
A.S Hollis
A. Lindhurst
Eastman: P. Aherne
G.Thomas: C. Kottnauer
Henderson: N.D. Stein