The club opens some but not all Wednesdays, from 7:15 p.m. to 10: p.m. as follows, as well as away matches.

September 2016
Wednesday 7th September - club open
Wednesday 14th September - club open
Wednesday 21st September - club closed
Wednesday 28th September - club closed
Tuesday 27th September v Greater London( at GLCC) London League 
Thursday 29th September v Pimlico 3 (at Pimlico) Central London League

October 2016
Wednesday 5th October v Hendon 3 at home
Thursday 6th October v Battersea (at Golden Lane) London League 
Wednesday 12th October v KCL1 (at Pimlico) Central London League
Wednesday 12th October v Willesden home
Monday 17th October v Albany away
Wednesday 26th October - club closed

November 2016
Tuesday 1st November v Hammersmith (at Golden Lane)  London League 
Wednesday 2nd November - club closed
Wednesday 9th November v Kings head at home
Thursday 10th November v Railsport (at Pimlico) Central London League 
Wednesday 16th November - club open
Wednesday 23rd November - club open
Thursday 24th November v Kings Head1(at Pimlico) Central London League 
Wednesday 30th November - club closed

December 2016
Wednesday 7th December v Hendon 4 at home
Thursday 8th December v Pimlico (at Pimlico) London League 
Thursday 8th December London Deaf (at Pimlico) Central London League 
Wednesday 14th December - club closed
Wednesday 21st December - club closed
Wednesday 28th December - club closed

January 2017
Wednesday 4th January v Railsport (at Pimlico) Central London League 
Tuesday 10th January v Kings Head (at Golden Lane) London League 
Wednesday 11th January v Willesden at home
Tuesday 17th January v Hackney (at Golden Lane) London League 

February 2017
Thursday 2nd v Streatham & Brixton  (at Golden Lane) London League 
Thursday 2nd February v Battersea 2 (at Pimlico) Central London League 
Tuesday 7th February v Hendon 4 away
Monday 13th February v Kings Head  (at Golden Lane) London League 
Tuesday 14th February v Hendon 3 away
Thursday 16th February v Plmlico 3 (at Pimlico) Central London League 

March 2017
Thursday 2nd March v Hammersmith  (at Golden Lane) London League 
Thursday 2nd March v KCL1 (at Pimlico) Central London League 
Wednesday 15th March v Kings Head away
Thursday 23rd March v Pimlico (at Pimlico)  London League 
Monday 27th March v Ealing away
Thursday 30th March v Kings Head 1 (at Pimlico) Central London League 

April 2017
Tuesday 11th April v Greater London  (at GLCC) London League 
Monday 24th April v Willesden away
Friday 28th April v London Deaf  (at Pimlico) Central London League 

May 2017
Wednesday 3rd May v Albany at home
Thursday 11th May v Battersea  (at Golden Lane) London League 

June 2017
Thursday 1st June v Streatham & Brixton (at Golden LaneLondon League 

For historical reference only

September 2015
Wednesday 2nd September - club open
Wednesday 9th September - club closed
Wednesday 16th September - club closed
Thursday 17th September at Pimlico v Battersea 2
Wednesday 23rd September - club open
Wednesday 30th September - club open

October 2015
Wednesday 7th October v Kings Head at home
Wednesday 14th October at home v Uxbridge
Thursday 15th October - match v Battersea at Golden Lane
Wednesday 21st October v Harrow at home
Friday 23rd October away v Greenford
Monday 26th October v Hammersmith at Hammersmith
Wednesday 28th October home v Greenford
Thursday 29th October match at Pimlico v TFL 1

November 2015
Wednesday 4th November match v Athenaeum at Athenaeum
Wednesday 11th November  - club open
Wednesday 11th November away v Uxbridge
Tuesday 17th November match v GLCC at GLCC
Wednesday 18th November  - club open
Thursday 19th November away v Harrow
Monday 23rd November v Metropolitan at Metropolitan
Wednesday 25th November home v Ealing
Thursday 26th November match at Pimlico v Pimlico 2
Monday 30th November v Kings Head at Kings Head

December 2015
Wednesday 2nd December  - match v Metropolitan at home
Wednesday 9th December  - club open
Thursday 10th December match at Pimlico v Kings Head
Monday 14th December v Ealing 2 at Ealing
Wednesday 16th December  - club closed
Wednesday 23nd December  - club closed

January 2016
Wednesday 6th January - club closed
Thursday 7th January v Harrow at Harrow
Wednesday 13th January - club closed
Wednesday 13th January match v Metropolitan at Golden Lane
Thursday 14th January at Pimlico v HMC 2
Wednesday 20th January v Muswell Hill at home
Tuesday 26th January v Hendon at Hendon
Wednesday - 27th January - club closed
Thursday 28th January at Pimlico v TFL 1

February 2016
Wednesday 3rd February home v Harrow
Wednesday 10th February - club closed
Thursday 11th February at Pimlico v HMC 2
Monday 15th February match v Kings Head at Golden Lane
Wednesday 17th February - club open
Wednesday 24th February - club closed
Thursday 25th February at Pimlico v Pimlico 2

March 2016
Wednesday 2nd March - club closed
Thursday 3rd March v Muswell Hill at Muswell Hill
Wednesday 9th March - club open
Thursday 10th March match v Pimlico at Pimlico
Wednesday 16th March - club open
Thursday 17th March at Pimlico v Kings Head
Wednesday March 23rd v Hammersmith at home
Wednesday 30th March - club open
Thursday 31st March match v Streatham at Golden Lane

April 2016
Wednesday 6th April v Ealing 2 at home
Thursday 7th April at Pimlico v Battersea 2
Wednesday 13th April - club closed
Wednesday 20th April home v Ealing B
Monday 25th April match v Hackney at Golden Lane
Wednesday 27th April - club closed

May 2016
Wednesday 4th May home v Ealing A
Monday 9th May away v Ealing A
Wednesday 11th May v Hendon at home
Monday 16th May away v Ealing B
Wednesday 18th May - club closed
Wednesday 25th May - club closed
Thursday 26th May match v Hammersmith at Golden Lane

June 2016
Wednesday 1st June - club open
Wednesday 8th June - club open
Wednesday 15th June - club closed
Wednesday 22nd June - club closed 
Wednesday 29th June - club closed 

July 2016
Wednesday 6th July - club open
Wednesday 13th July - club open
Wednesday 20th July - club closed
Wednesday 27th July - club closed

August 2016
Wednesday 3rd August - club closed
Wednesday 10th August - club open
Wednesday 17th August - club open
Wednesday 24th August - club closed
Wednesday 31st August - club closed